Karaoke with a live band!  Punk Rock Heavy Metal Karaoke has been letting people Rock out in front of a real hard rockin’ band since adopting the concept from NYC in 2003. Over the years this Dutch band has helped hundreds of “singers” conquer stage fright and enjoy the ultimate rock & roll experience in performing before an audience with a kick ass rock band! The message is simple….get on stage and Shout it out loud!!!

Petur de Boer - Guitar & Vocals
Rinze Rinzema - Lead Guitar
Douwe Oppewal - Bass  & Vocals
Alco Pater - Drums & Vocals
Hans Hof - Emcee & Jack D
Past Members:
Manuel Reenders  - Bass  2004 - 2008 
Joop Knol - Guitar/Bass  2004 - 2009
Dik Smit  - Guitar/Bass  2007 - 2009
Igor Mönnink   -   Bass  2009 - 2016