Petur de Boer – Guitar & Vocals

Are you ready for the best riffs and crazy sounds? Petur will be able to make the best sounds with his guitar and effects to make to all the songs familiar so you can sing along without a problem.

Rinze Rinzema – Lead Guitar

This guitarist is not like any guitarist. Rinze is the lead-guitarist and knows all the details of every song, that we play, by heart.  Not sure if you’re looking at him? Just check if he’s wearing his famous wooden shoes.

Douwe Oppewal – Bass & Vocals

Thumping bass-lines and rocking tabs are played by this bass player. Douwe has played the guitar and bass for years and knows his way around and on stage. He will rock with you if you put on a proper rockshow.

Hans Hof – Emcee & Jack D

There is absolutely no need to have any stage fright, to be afraid that you lost the lyrics or that you don’t know when to start singing because Hans will lead the way. He know’s all the lyrics to all the songs and will be right next to you when you start singing.





Petur de Boer - Guitar & Vocals
Rinze Rinzema - Lead Guitar
Douwe Oppewal - Bass  & Vocals
Alco Pater - Drums & Vocals
Hans Hof - Emcee & Jack D
Past Members:
Manuel Reenders  - Bass  2004 - 2008 
Joop Knol - Guitar/Bass  2004 - 2009
Dik Smit  - Guitar/Bass  2007 - 2009
Igor Mönnink   -   Bass  2009 - 2016